Welcome to the Legacy of Darkness. I am your guide, Purin-chan. Don't worry, I won't bite...hard.

Just kidding.

Well now that I'm done with the prequel all you first-time readers may start with that arc and then proceed onto arc one. Or, if you're feeling bold, you can start with arc one and then go back to the prequel; it's up to your preferences. Just keep in mind that I wrote arc one before writing the prequel so that the sudden change in maturity level won't come as too big of a shock.

Oh, another thing.
I'm a dramatic writer. I like to create tension in the words that I put down on paper. I am also known for writing sad endings when I feel like they fit. But my favorite scene will always be that small glimmer of hope at the end of the blackened tunnel.
Just thought that might describe the fanfic a bit.
There's also the formal approach: This is a fanfic based on the non-canon pairing of Xelloss and Lina from Slayers (as you can tell from the background image...). To be blunt, they fall in love. End of story (hardly).

...Anyway, be warned that there are spoilers in the fanfic (considering it takes place after the TRY series happened). I have also inserted original characters in the fanfic. They should be obvious.

So if you're ready, take my hand. Don't wander - you may not find your way back out. And be careful, some people may not be who they seem to be...

I love the informal approach, don't you?