I suck at drawing (in particular, I'm just simply LAZY to shade and do everything neatly). I warn you beforehand.
And I would love submissions ^_^. Yes I would. It would make me a happi kitti.
And I would hate to see something stolen. Yes I would. It would make me a murderous kitti <3.
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By Me (ChibiPurinchan[at]hotmail[dot]com):

I do believe they are...kissing. ^^;     My poor interpretation of the unfortunate girl (Rosa).

By Torchie (Moonfyre_Chaos[at]hotmail[dot]com):

n.n Torchie drew this for me in effort to boost submissions. I like the darkness of it all~

By Ana (justine_bowder[at]hotmail[dot]com):

^_^ Xelloss looking oh-so-suave in a prince-like outfit     In color!     Lina in an equally as awesome outfit, and then the image of Xelloss about to kiss Lina that makes me go aww~     Little Princess Lina~