About me!

Many of you refer to me as Purin-chan, and I'd like to keep it that way so I'll refrain from mentioning my real name :P. Some of you may know it already, though.
I am now a college student at Emory University in Georgia. My intended major and minor are biology and english, respectively. I intend to go Pre-Med, and hope to be a big-time medicine researcher when I grow up. My ultimate goal is to cure cancer.
I have other dreams of course. For example, I want to publish at least one original work (though I hope to publish many) and I'd also like to fit in time to be a good mother. I wonder where this will go, though.

Writing is my hobby. Rather, writing is my passion. I am a "writing enthusiast," as my PE coach would say, and that sums it up pretty accurately. I generally write because I enjoy doing it, and also because it puts my mind at peace.
I have conducted a couple experiments with original works in the past, including two amateur attempts at creating manga with my friends. I actually think I might attempt a third soon, so look out for more on that topic later ^_^.
In the future, I hope that you all would be interested in reading my works of fiction, though unrelated to Slayers.

Undoubtedly, Slayers is my absolute love. It's the only anime that has seriously found a comfortable spot in my heart even years after I finished with the craze.
I realize this every time I write this fanfic. My love for Slayers will just not die. I realized it the other day, too, when I pulled out my old VHS tapes and began watching from season one. It was like a trip down memory lane--a very fond part of my adolescence.
So now I know that, no matter where I may go in life, I'll always know that Slayers was a huge part of it. Always.