About the fanfic...

I began this fanfic five years ago, prior to my entrance into high school. I was an immature little brat who thought it was "cool" to be pessimistic and look on the negative side of life when, honestly, I didn't really need to. (Though in comparison to others, I still do have a rather sucky life, but that's beyond the point I'm trying to address here.)
So, being the immature little brat, I attempted to pull off a "new idea" and create the fanfic that many would adore, a fanfic solely based on the non-canon pairing of Xelloss and Lina. I rushed through writing a couple chapters, then ran around the internet to advertise.
Needless to say, I didn't get far.
Upset by the lack of popularity and the pressure and strain of high school (not to mention personal and family problems), I abandoned TSLOD for an entire year without any real intention to finish it. However, I left the site up for any who might still be interested.
Well 9th grade passed, as did 10th grade, with few updates to the site and/or fanfic. It was only towards the end of 10th grade did I notice that my mailing list for TSLOD had grown to be rather large...and my interest in the fanfic was sparked once again.
It was only until I actually picked up my pencil, dusted off my notebook, and flipped to the last few pages of the previous chapter that my inspiration was truly reborn.
So here I am again, trying my best to find time to write out this story I've had residing in the depths of my mind for the past few years. I find, as I write this story, that I come up with more and more ideas that I can add to and expand the story.
Oh boy.

Well now that my prequel arc is over and done with, the rant that had been here once is now null and I have to write a new one -_-.
Yes, the plan for the fanfic is still an estimated four arcs. I will be writing arc two and arc three when I get around to it, both taking place in the future.
Some people have asked why I didn't explain how Lina met up with Zel and Amelia at the end of the prequel. I figured that, since the prequel's main focus and purpose was to explain how Xelloss fell in love with Lina, adding a chapter to the end about how she met up with Zel and Amelia would mess up the flow, so I took it out. We'll just assume that Lina was looking for Zel and Amelia aided in the process.
Arc two is going to be interesting.

Some of you may wonder why I still carry on and continue this project even well after the golden age of Slayers fanfiction has already been sucked into the black hole of history.
I write for the fans. I really do appreciate every email that lands in my inbox. Surprisingly enough, I still get plenty of them. I write because you all give me a new motivation to write.
I write for myself. Writing truly is one of those hobbies that I will simply never grow out of. Even though I've drifted away from the realm of fanfiction now to the world of original works, I still find entertainment and satisfaction in writing fanfiction as well.
And lastly, I write because I want to finish this damn thing already >_> lol. I gave birth to it five years ago--the first lengthy Xellos-Lina fanfic on the net. I intend to see it through to the end, no matter when that may be, whether or not I still have readers. I will always take pride in knowing that I helped to pioneer a movement in Slayers fanfiction.